who we are at bowerham kids’ club

Hannah Lancaster

Miss Lancaster is my favourite kids’ club member because she is funny, kind, generous, sweet and always brings a smile to my face. She also always helps me and cheers me up when I’m sad.

Esther Barker 

Esther is fun to play with and looks after us really well! I like having her at Kids’ Club. 

Jack Heap

Mr Heap is really funny and makes us laugh a lot. He is also very kind and nice and we love going outside and playing with him. Kids’ Club is awesome and wouldn’t be the same without him.

Issy Brand

Issy is kind and generous. She listens to all of us when we’re sad. Issy is so kind and creative, she always helps me if I’m unhappy, and she is really friendly. 

Erin Gardner

Erin is always kind to me, she is very cool and she helps me! I like Miss Erin because she is the best and she is great.

Suzannah Keeves

If Suzannah wasn’t here there would be no Kids’ Club!

Elaine Lyon

I like Elaine because she is super crafty, and kind.

Sam Brand

I like Sam because she has lots of stories from around the world. She is caring and makes sure that everyone feels happy.


Vix Porter

Miss Porter is an amazing member of staff who has loads of energy and is always fun! She makes sure we’re okay and makes sure we’re having a good time. 



Sophie Hill

I like Sophie because she always plays with me.

Maha Haris

I like Maha because she is patient and very caring and kind, and always plays with us and has fun.